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The Federation of Asia-pacific Retailers Associations (FAPRA) was founded in 1989. Its has implemented its activities and developed itself with the aim of discussing issues shared in the region, promote information exchange and friendship, thereby contributing to the development of commerce, the improvement of retailers status and the improvement of citizens lives in the region.



Message from Chairman


Since its establishment in 1983, FAPRA has been a congregation of retailers associations that come together for one key objective C the sharing of information.  Echoing this, one of the successful activities of FAPRA is the biennial Asia Pacific Retailers Convention and Exhibition (APRCE) which provides opportunities to FAPRA members to learn from experts as well as to enjoy meeting and establishing relationships with counterparts from around the region.


To continue strengthening this objective, I envisage more sharing and exchanging of information among members to promote cross-borders collaboration, co-operation and expansion.  Collectively, there is a wealth of information that is available from each countrys industry association.  It is critical that such intelligence is timely and on hand and be shared and benefit our members.  With the information, members will be able to make better informed decisions for their businesses.


A common issue that the FAPRA community is now facing is the very quickly rising cost of operations.  It is recognised that the inter-connectivity of the industry not just domestically in any single country but also regionally and globally intensify the problem that rising costs creates.  This problem affects not only the retail community but ultimately the consumers as well, which will then affect the entire region when it becomes less attractive for investment and other economic or leisure activity.


Thank you for your continued support to FAPRA.



Dato Dr Jannie Chan Siew Lee

Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Associations


Message from Secretary General


As the Asia-Pacific region plays an increasingly important role in the worlds economy, members in the Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Associations decided to take actions to better participate in the role.


Thus the Permanent Secretariat was established in March 2006 upon the resolution of the 12th Asian Retailers Convention & Exhibition. The approval to the Permanent Secretariats Guiding Rules in May 2006 is an indication of members support to the P. S. and also an indication of the P. Ss dedication to members.

The long history, the rich culture, and the diligent people are the common treasure of the countries and areas in the Asia-Pacific region. For the continued prosperity of local retail business, economy and people, our FAPRA members are working hard. I am very pleased to note that all the FAPRA members are playing an active role in the economic life of their own countries or areas. And also I am very glad to note that our members wish to contribute to the prosperity of the regional economy by sharing expertise and leveraging synergies.

Please allow me, at the launch of FAPRA website, to take the opportunity to express my thanks to members and to all those who have helped FAPRA. The newly established Permanent Secretariat shall work hard to promote friendly exchanges among members and with retailers associations in other regions. I hope the website can be a platform for members to exchange ideas and share best practices so that we can bring ourselves forward and bring FAPRA forward. It is my firm belief that with joined efforts from members, FAPRA shall keep growing and play a greater role to the regional retail business.


Prof. Xiaoning Cao
Secretary General
Permanent Secretariat
Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Associations


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